About Handy For Hire

Keeping jobs small to better answer each call!

 "Keeping jobs small to better answer each call" has been our credo from inception and is what truly sets us apart. We feel that if you're taking on the big jobs you will not be available for the smaller jobs in a timely fashion. There are more small jobs out there than any other kind of work but let's be truthful, we are not the only handyman service in the business. A great majority are really contractors trying to mine for bigger jobs and many more are people unable to deliver on the ridiculous variety that a true proven handy person encounters. Sub par in either case. This in our experience is truly a specialized skill set that when handled that way provides the best results.  We are primarily a service oriented repair business, concentrating on the myriad of little issues and improvements that every home has wether it's a sprawling estate, an apartment or a mobile home. We'll fix the kitchen drawer after everyone else has tried or clean up the list that's been building for decades and drops to the floor. Heck we'll even level the shed out back and repair whatever that needs with skills and tools that provide results like no other. Please visit our "services tab for more examples then find out for yourself how we truly have become every homes best friend.

Handy For Hire was founded in 2003 and has continuously increased its base of satisfied customers.

Of course, nothing recommends us more than praise from our past customers. You can read testimonials here and more especially "Angies List" reviews for a more active and public resource to see what people are saying about us. We think you'll be impressed. 

Allowing someone to come in to your home takes trust. We appreciate that trust, and would like to make you feel more comfortable by introducing the members of our team.